MovieBob Syndrome


Russell Michaels

Russell is inside his own mind, a comfortable yet silly place. He is also on Twitter.

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  1. Avatar DensityDuck

    “MovieBob thinks himself an Übermensch. For reasons I do not adequately understand.” (emphasis in original)

    Paradoxically, the world getting smaller due to the Internet means that individuals can be bigger.

    It used to be that if a thousand people around the world read your column, you’d never know it, because the world is a big place and those thousand people are all over it. But with the internet the entire world is in the palm of your hand in all truth, and a thousand people who read your column are right there. And a thousand people is a lot of people to have right there with you, certainly enough to convince yourself that you’ve really got something that people want. And if you’re used to the idea that for every subscriber there’s ten listeners, well.Report

  2. Avatar Jaybird

    I’ve seen a handful of his discussions of movies and some of them are pretty good. For example, he explained Sucker Punch to me. (Here was my take, a million years ago. Here’s his.)

    As criticism goes, I found it insightful. I understood the movie better after watching his take on it.

    But then I read stuff of his like this:

    And I find my jaw on the floor and my bile production increases and I get irrationally irritated and it can only be tempered by stuff like this:

    And then I feel better.Report

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