Please scream inside your heart


The Critic Problem

I call the way I approach film as “The Meh Plateau.” Most movies do not suck, nor are most movies amazing.


Thursday Throughput: Polio Eradication Edition

Remember, a vaccine doesn’t have to give “sterilizing immunity”, in which you can’t catch the virus ever again. If it simply builds our resistance to the virus so that COVID-19 infections are mild, that will be enough.


Kenosha, Wisconsin: Updated

Things have gone from bad, to worse, to deadly in Kenosha, Wisconsin following the police shooting of Jacob Blake.


The Eleventh Decade of Noam Chomsky

“Is Chomsky a tankie? The answer is unambiguously no. There is a more interesting question however: “What is Chomsky’s role in 2020?”


Batman, Ranked

Who’s the best Batman of them all? I have decided to try to tackle the question of “Which actor is the best Batman?”


Dear RNC: This Guy Is NOT Your Friend!

Having run out of people on the left to scam, Vernon Jones has turned to the right and found a whole new set of gullible supporters.


Sunday Morning! “Some Of Us Are Very Hungry Now” by Andre Perry

“Perry is definitely a writer. His essays are meandering and misshapen, slippery and jagged, they wriggle and bite. But, read them for a bit, sit with them and get to know them, and you find they’re also gentle and wise. I mean, it’s a bit hard to get a bead on them, but that’s how identity is, right?”


What If The Expected Actually Happens?

In which I argue for the possibility that maybe, just maybe, the expected…actually happens and maybe even smoothly at that.


Saturday Night

It’s Saturday night, all our shoes has been shined.