About Feature Images

Image Copyrights

Ordinary Times makes an effort to use copyright-clear images. We have several tools for doing so, pulling images from Flickr, Pixabay, and Unsplashed. We manually use images from the Wikimedia Commons and RawPixel, among others. If you believe that we (or more likely one of our sources) have erred, or if there is not proper attribution, please contact us and we will take immediate action.

Lost Images and Blank Spaces

In February of 2015, all of the images on the site were lost. This has resulted in “smoking craters” – stubs where images should be. This is bad for SEO and most importantly it’s unsightly. We have made use of two plugins by CK Macleod. One removes images and replaces it with blank space. This preserves the original formatting of the document, though does look a bit odd. But white spaces are better than smoking craters, and we appreciate having a tool to deal with it.

Replaced Images and The Randomness of Being

The second thing plugin we use replaces the Feature Images with images from a catalog. We could leave these spaces blank, but we feel that the world is too full of beautiful art and interesting imagery to do that. As such, we culled roughly 1200 images from Google Art Public Domain, Unsplashed, Pixabay, Digital Comics Museum, RawPixel, and Flickr we compiled some 1200 images. In some cases they generate randomly and in others they’ve been attached. In the latter case, the attachment is random and we have not looked at every post (we’re talking about over 10,000). There could be some image/post combinations that seem to be making editorial commentary or are just outright inappropriate. If you run across any of these combinations, do a refresh to make sure that it’s not generated on every load and if it’s persistent, please contact us and we will swap it out immediately.

Are you an artist?

We like art! We like showing off art! We would love more art on this site. This is true if you are a musician or comedian, but we probably have the most interest in visual artistry. The motif of our site is a combination of Victorian, Steampunk, retrofuturism, and wheels. Anything you produce along those lines is likely to grab our attention immediately. However, we might be interested in just about anything. We would happily run a post showing off your work. Let us know.